Nepal share market What you need to know before investing 

Nepal share market What you need to know before investing        When you start to invest in the Nepal share market primary and secondary market.     Secondary market Nepal finds a broker.   Selection as a broker is your personal choice when it’s come to statistics and knowledge offered and how one … Read more

NEPAL STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS. The essentials thing need to know.

How to find stock   Nepal stock market Analysis helps understand better-investing prospects. With help of analytical techniques while analyzing securities, we will try to identify stocks selling at a discount to their real worth, and subsequently would be in a better position to capture market-beating returns in the future.   Know the 2 basic … Read more

Greenlife Hydropower (GRHPL) has released 34.96 lakh IPO.

Greenlife Hydropower (GRHPL) has released 34.96 lakh IPO Greenlife hydropower company(GRHPL) will be issuing around Rs 34,96,400 units in IPO shares from March 23 to the general public. The deadline for this issue is 27 Magh and if it isn’t subscribed entirely by 27  Magh, the deadline may be prolonged until 7 Falgun, 2077.  How … Read more

Nepal Stock Market Depth why is it Important?

Why Is Nepal Stock Market Depth Important?  Nepal stock market depth is how well a market may accommodate large orders, and not cause a large price effect. Business scope considers an order book’s total depth of requests, offers and requests, and the liquidity it has. When the amount of buy and sell orders remains, the … Read more