Nepal share market What you need to know before investing 

Nepal share market What you need to know before investing 


Nepal share market What you need to know before investing 



When you start to invest in the Nepal share market primary and secondary market.



Secondary market Nepal finds a broker.


Selection as a broker is your personal choice when it’s come to statistics and knowledge offered and how one interacts.


The first law in investment in the share market is not to buy until you thoroughly appreciate and understand the in and out of that stock.


Recognize what you are buying. IN NEPAL SHARE MARKET.


              Of the most recognized commodities, stocks are an equity share in an organization. As a stockholder, you are eligible for a

percentage of the company’s profit, but you do not earn a part of the profits in cash. Any businesses pay out some of their earnings as

dividends which is not constitutionally necessary. Dividends, though, do not purchase a stock because they are appealing.


The main approach to make money from stocks is to purchase the right COMPANY at the right moment in the Nepal share market. For

eg, if, in January of 2021, you purchased one share of NRIC stock, it would have cost you around RS 800. By January 10, 2021, the

shares will surge to close to RS1,000 a share. That’s RS1500 in two years. Imagine how you’d like if you owned RS15,000. That is the gist of the theory.


picking and investigating the  Nepal share market in the stock.


For new investors, there are two popular modes in which companies can be generated. The first segment focuses on a thing that you

learned or read about and a share that you prefer. These ideas start from the single stock. The second is anytime you have an outlook on

the industry or a category, and then check for a plan that suits your vision.


Anyway, before you part in the Nepal share market, make sure you study the stock. This may be as easy as checking for the stock name

on a search engine, reading news releases shared online by the firm, or looking up details yourself. The safest solution could be the

Nepal stock exchange which can be found at and

information site, merolagani, sharesansar,nepalipaisa.

Simply enter the stock symbol into the search box NEPSE  and you will be led to a website that has all you need: charts showing recent

stock movement and movements, details such as the market cap (size) of the firm, some dividend rate, and its P/E ratio.

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