Greenlife Hydropower (GRHPL) has released 34.96 lakh IPO.

Greenlife Hydropower (GRHPL) has released 34.96 lakh IPO

Greenlife hydropower company(GRHPL) will be issuing around Rs 34,96,400 units in IPO shares from March 23 to the general public. The deadline for this issue is 27 Magh and if it isn’t subscribed entirely by 27  Magh, the deadline may be prolonged until 7 Falgun, 2077. 

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Greenlife Hydropower Limited(GRHPL) closed its public offering of 1,800,000 shares for Dolakha locals on Falgun 27, 2075. The

The company’s IPO happened on Magh 22, 2075. 94 percent of the municipal stock was not bought by residents. All applicants were

granted a stock allocation of 103,600 units. ,  Thus, the existing 16,96400 shares  as well contained 34,96400 unit share are to be an open application for       

Furthermore, Greenlife Hydropower Limited(GRHPL)Thirty-four percent of all units are set aside for employers and seventy-nine percent of the units are set aside for mutual funds. Just 32,51,652 units are left for the general population. 

Percentage-wise, the sum generated by the IPO kept for the general public represents 19.42% of the overall issued capital. 80% of the

funds used to finance the business is contributed by the founders and the sponsors. Greenlife Hydropower Limited(GRHPL)The last 0.58% of the released capital was

subscribed by the residents of the region in the original IPO. 

Moreover, The applicants must file for a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of a million units. 

The hydropower company has been running the Khani Khola 1 Dam Plant. 

The present paid-up capital of the hydropower firm stands at Rs 1.44 arba, which will grow to Rs 1.80 arba within a few years after an IPO is given to both locals and the general public.

 Greenlife Hydropower Limited  GRHPL

 Accordingly, SEBON has allowed Green Life Hydropower Ltd.(GRHPL) to sell its shares via public offerings (IPO). 

On January 15, the SEBON sanctioned the firm for the initial public offering. 

With Board acceptance, the hydroelectric company has released 3,496,400 shares. It has already invested in the Local citizens by releasing an IPO. 

the company’s IPO issue manager is BOK Capital. 

Moreover, The Greenlife hydropower(GRHPL) company has developed a 40-megawatt hydropower plant and will export hydropower from the Dolakha district.

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